Chairman’s Message 2021-04-16T18:47:28+08:00

It is definitely another tough year to the retail sector in Hong Kong. We never forget how we’ve gone through the SARS in 2003 when RTIA was established to promote the retail technology adoption as a key means to the challenge. We believe in the same principle walking through these 17 years together. This year, even worse, the COVID-19 is affecting all aspects and the world as a whole.  RTIA understands these challenges and we shall all be vigilant and react swiftly to these situations so as to operate our business more innovatively. No matter the solution supports remote operations (or work from home) or maintains a good social distancing during service, for a sustainable future to create long-lasting value to our business that makes a difference to stay ahead of the curve.

RTIA will and as always adhere to support members in all different retail sectors, to provide support in line with the funding programs that launched by the HKSAR government as the COVID-19 continues to go viral with its relentless impact on lives and the economics both locally and globally.

On behalf of myself and the RTIA, may I take this opportunity to thank our esteemed members for their support and truly hope that we all would have a healthy and resilient days to come soon.

Vincent So
Chairman (2018 - 2020) (2020 - 2022)
Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association (RTIA)