Hybrid Webinar:【Data Privacy and Protection for Omni-Channel Retailers】

Retail was never easy. But in Hong Kong, the landscape just got more complicated. Supply chain shocks, shifting buying patterns, support for hybrid workforces, and the relentless push to online create opportunities and headaches for omni-channel leaders. The two biggest challenges are data privacy and protection.

Seemingly simple acts like document sharing, video analytics, and collecting data from third-party online marketplaces pose a multitude of data security and privacy compliance challenges. Embracing cloud and new cloud-based apps can help with agility but can compromise data security. The rise of ransomware and new online scams are also raising the risks in omni-channel retail.

Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association is organizing this hybrid webinar to dispel the myths, highlight the facts and share best practices in data privacy and security. Jointly organized with Axiom, Canon, and Veeam and organized for business leaders, it offers an essential guideline for omni-channel retail leaders to navigate the ever-changing retail landscape while staying compliant and secure. The speakers will use cases, success stories, and live demos to reinforce their key insights

Registration link: https://bit.ly/3tqlHvH

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